Ecncouragment from Colossians 4

Encouragement from Colossians 4

Paul encouraged the Colossian believers to devote themselves to prayer. This is good advice for us too.
When I pray, I acknowledge my need for God everyday because, I’m finding that I can’t go a day without surrendering my will, as there have been days where I’ve had a lot on my plate & I’m reminded to keep my eyes on him.

– As we make prayer a daily priority, we are to thank God for his help, & we become increasingly aware of his activity in our lives.

– When we are feeling weak, we can still come to God in prayer, & he will empower us to “keep at it.” love how he does that.

– As we turn to God in prayer, we embrace the power SUFFICIENT to meet ALL our needs.

Keep on praying & let God enable his power through you so you will never go without.